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About Us

Your protection is our business

Whatever business or location Solace Security Services is called in to secure, we ensure that the specific needs of the client are met fully and quickly. With each of our security professionals undergoing extensive background checks as well as training, clients can rest- assured they have a reliable and trustworthy solution to their security requirements.

As a client of Solace Security Services, you’re guaranteed not only exceptional standards of performance but first-rate customer service.

  • Our security officers are part of a unique, expert team that is committed and passionate about the work they do.
  • With accountability central to our operations, clients are provided with real-time reports regarding our guards’ activities while on the client’s property.
  • Highly trained and continually assessed, our officers are ready and prepared to perform their duties in a professional manner, no matter what challenges they may face.
  • We understand that budget is often a concern for smaller businesses and we reflect that in our prices, making us a cost-effective security solution.

Our Services

Solace Security Services provides high-quality 24-hour security throughout the county of San Diego. Offering well-trained and highly experienced professionals, all our guards are BSIS licensed and trained, as well as fully screened and vetted to CA standards.

Our management team carefully selects guards according to the project brief and site requirements, with site-specific training given prior to the start of any assignment.

All our security officers can be deployed on-site, countywide, within a matter of hours.

Corporate Building Security

We offer both armed and unarmed security officers to ensure the complete and continual protection of your premises, with all our armed personnel fully trained and licensed to carry firearms.

Parking Lot Security

With vehicle theft one of the most common crimes, parking lots are, needless to say, particularly vulnerable. Our security officers provide the protection and deterrent needed to keep your staff and customers’ cars safe from theft and damage.

On-site Security

Our guards provide protection for construction sites, ensuring the security of the property and any equipment on-site, removing any opportunities for theft and vandalism.

Mobile Patrol Services

Ideal for businesses, gated communities, and residential areas, our drive-by mobile security patrols monitor locations on a regular basis throughout the night, ensuring the safety of the residents and their property.

If you’d like to know more about the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us — one of our team will be more than happy to talk to you.

Areas of Service

Solace Security Services specialize in a number of areas…

Commercial Building Security
From offices and factories to shopping malls and leisure facilities, our team has extensive experience handling all manner of issues. Whether you’re concerned about theft, vandalism, or any kind of on-site altercation, our security personnel serve as an effective deterrent.
Construction Site Security
With construction sites particularly vulnerable to trespassing, theft, and vandalism, our security officers provide you with peace of mind that your property and equipment remains safe.
Special Events Security
Should a client be organizing a concert, convention, or social event, Solace Security offers services that cater to the specific needs of that event. From crowd control to fire watch, we’ll efficiently and quietly handle any possible security issues.

Residential Security

Whether as standing guards or mobile patrol units, our officers monitor the security of private residences and communities. Able to respond to any situation at a moment’s notice, our presence fosters a sense of security that benefits everyone in the community.

With extensive experience securing many other kinds of sites, including religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and access control, contact Solace Security Services to find out how we can help you too.

Contact Us

Send us a message with any questions or concerns, and we’ll get back to you with answers as soon as we can.